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Members of our Aspen Hill Jewish community maintain diverse religious practices, and we are honored and blessed to welcome everyone into our congregation. We take pride in creating a non-judgmental, inclusive community. At the same time, an awareness of certain halachik guidelines can provide opportunities to strengthen our sense of connection through hospitality and chesed.

If you are opening your home to guests for a kosher meal, bringing food to a potluck, or providing kosher food for new mothers, the bereaved, or the sick, we ask that these communal kashrut standards are observed in the preparation of your food. Even if you do not regularly keep these standards, it may be possible to adhere to them for these purposes.

In addition, these halachik guidelines for reheating food on Shabbat and for Shabbat hospitality can help us feel even more comfortable in each other’s homes.

These guidelines are presented with the hope that we can continue to embrace the wonderful spirit of hospitality and chesed thriving within our community. I am also hopeful that this document will provide helpful information to those who are considering increasing their kosher observance, or to be used as a conversation-starter designed to help all community members feel comfortable welcoming and being welcomed into one another's homes.

Of course, these guidelines do not replace deeper learning and ongoing study, and your questions are always welcome. 


Rabbi Uri Topolosky


Community Kashrut Standards

Shabbat Food Preparation

Shabbat Hospitality