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I'm writing to share with the greater kehilla our shul's newest initiative. 

Many of us have discussed how the purchase of a large Kol Hanearim Tallit that would accommodate many underneath it would enhance our shul's tefillot on Simchat Torah and Shavuot. To have the shul children's names embroidered on the tallit would be particularly meaningful. This is a beautiful way to express the pride we take in our children as the future of our community and the growth and diversity of our community. Rabbi Uri has found a vendor in Israel who can sell us the Tallit and do the embroidery so that we have the added benefit of supporting an Israeli business with this initiative. 
We've already received a commitment from one founding sponsor. A member of the community has pledged $1500 to the Tallit and is challenging the community to find another founding sponsor who will top that offer.  We're also soliciting family sponsors, who will have their family name (last name in Hebrew) embroidered on the edges of the Tallit in exchange for a $180 donation.
We're now ready to accept embroidery reservations through this Google Form.
We'll be looking to collect all names for embroidery by August 13.
We're hoping that by having a number of different sponsorship prices, all members of the community who wish to do so can participate. If you wish to sponsor embroidery for 5 or more children or you'd like to discuss a different participation level, please let us know. 
Thank you in advance for helping make this meaningful vision a reality.
- Aliza Libman Baronofsky and Ari Moskowitz